14 Essential Conversations to have with Kids, Great Habits for Bonding with Children

There’s 14 talks you should have with your child before high school. Here’s exactly how to have these essential conversations.

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Great habits for bonding with children

There are some actions that, while well-intended, can drive a wedge between parents and their kids. In this quick tip episode, we will share what these are and how parents can protect the long-term relationship with their kids by not engaging in these behaviors.

The first behavior that creates a barrier to building a relationship is oversharing. A 2016 study found that children believe their parents overshare information about them on social media. These children reported feeling embarrassed and frustrated towards their parents, especially when the children didn’t give their parents permission to share. Relationships are built on trust and your child will have difficulties trusting you with information or sharing experiences without that.

The next behavior parents should stop is being over-involved in all aspects of their child’s life. Although intentions may be good, doing everything for your child or making everything too easy may hold your child back. A 2016 study from Florida State University found that over-involved parenting has a negative impact on young adults’ mental health, including indirect effects on anxiety, depression, and life satisfaction. Coming to the rescue doesn’t let kids solve problems on their own and for younger kids, hinders brain development.

Karsen and I went deeper on this topic in this week’s Quick Tip episode:

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Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen: The Essential Conversations You Need to Have with Your Kids Before They Start High School

Even with the best intentions, communicating with developing adolescents can be tricky. That’s why it’s so important to prepare yourself for the talks you’ll need to have with your tween. In this title, the author guides parents through the fourteen essential conversations parents need to have with their children before starting high school.

An area we’ve seen causes parents with tweens frustration is communication. In this episode, we break down why this is so common, and how can parents break the barriers to having conversations with their kids.

The author says that as kids set out on the journey towards adulthood, they begin building their own identities and pull away from their parents. That leaves parents and children with less in common to talk about. According to evolutionary psychology, shared languages bind people together, but tweens don’t want to be attached to the family group. They want to explore for themselves.

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